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Hầu hết những căn nhà ở thành phố hiện nay đều có phòng tắm và vệ sinh khá bé. Tuy nhiên, với sự phối sắc, sự sắp xếp đồ đạc cũng như cách thiết kế đã giúp nhiều phòng tắm trở nên rất hiện đại và sang trọng.

Green white small bathroom ideas
Green white wood bathroom
Green white nature inspired bathroom
Introducing a splash of nature into a tiny washroom is a superb way to encourage a feeling of open and airy space. A zing of bright green against a clean white and earthy slate gray backdrop works wonders, with just a splash of wood tone thrown in for warmth and texture.
Via Ulaluls
Tiny mosaic tiles create a feeling of increased wall space, as it takes many, many of the little tiles to fill the expanse! You can also feel smug that your small wall space will cost a lot less to cover than a larger bathroom, so you can go edge to edge for a fully indulgent look.
Black white brown bathroom
Monochrome bathroom design
Black white mosaic bathroom tile
Stripes can also help distract the eye from true proportions.
Red white bathroom decor
Red white bathroom tiles
All of the above via Rusu Ruslan
When going built-in with your vanity unit, consider curves. This sweeping vanity station is so much fun against the glossy ceramic purple tiles, and creates masses of countertop space for all of your lotions and potions.

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