30 phòng ăn hiện đại ấn tượng - Tạp chí Đẹp

30 phòng ăn hiện đại ấn tượng

Hãy thử ngắm nhìn một số phòng ăn nhé.

wood dining table and chairs

white modern dining furniture

Severe modern lines, such as used to create these Z shaped dining chairs and bench, give movement to the room creating a sense of excitement amongst a mostly calm, languid decor.

white contemporary dining set

The use of natural woods and light airy colors of turquoise, blue and green on modern furnishings and accessories create a modern coastal style that lends itself to a beach house or seaside townhome.

Both rustic and contemporary elements of distressed, warm-toned woods and sleek leather and chrome are used to create a modern decor that is incredibly appealing. This is a dining room where you could spend hours lingering over a delicious meal with family and friends.

purple dining room

modern yellow leather dining set

modern rustic dining room

modern red dining furniture

modern purple dining set

modern purple dining room

Using feminine colors and curvy furnishings alongside masculine ones of steel, dark color, and hard lines create a balanced modern style perfect for a couple.

modern green dining room

modern dining wood

modern dining table steel

modern dining set

modern dining banquette

modern dining arm chairs

modern casual dining room set

modern brown dining room

This dining rooms severity is balanced simply by adding the fun green cowhide rug and warm brown of the dining chairs.

elegant contemporary dining room

edgy dining room set modern

dining set modern wood

contemporary wood dining set

contemporary black dining set

Hard-edged elements like this modern steel dining table can easily be softened and warmed by adding color through brightly multi-hued chairs for a contemporary modern style.

brown leather dining chairs

black dining room set

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